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A few hours before the demolition of the Twin Towers, the young man was fast asleep inside the building, what happened after that

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Twin Tower Demolition: The twin towers built by Supertech in Noida were demolished today. The administration had planned very carefully to demolish this tower a month ago. The administration officials had already shifted all the people living in the surrounding society to safer places.

People started leaving the society from Friday, August 26. The administration evacuated all the people so quickly, but shocking information has now come to light that one person was still fast asleep in the apartment.

It is said that the tower was supposed to be evacuated but the person did not care. What exactly happened and what happened next… know in detail

The twin towers in Noida were demolished on August 28, Sunday. The Supreme Court ordered its demolition a year ago. As it was built illegally, the court ordered its demolition. Emerald Court had a total of 15 residential towers with 44 apartments in each tower. The place had about 2,500 residents and 1,200 vehicles.

A special force was formed to demolish the towers. There were seven members of the society in this team. Apart from this, a captain was appointed for each tower. Despite all this planning, one Isam was still sleeping in the building

How do you know a man is still in the building?

The team had evacuated all the residents of the apartments in the tower. Due to the efforts of this committee, children and the elderly were also evacuated from all the 15 residential towers by 7 am. Gaurav Mehrotra of Emerald Court was leading the team. According to him, there was no one in the tower.

But, just before seven in the morning, the security guard gave such information to the employees, which shocked everyone. The security guard said that a person was fast asleep upstairs. The team then re-examined the tower.

When the special team visited the apartment, it was found that a person was actually fast asleep. Naresh Keshwani, a member of the special task force, said, “We checked the apartment a second time as part of the plan to evacuate the tower. At that time, the person was found sleeping.

He had forgotten the deadline to vacate the tower. He said that somehow the security guard woke him up and entered the tower around 7 pm. Brought out. He said that we were working on this plan for a month. It was under this plan that we had planned to double check the apartment. That is what saved Isma’s life and averted disaster.

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