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Bhandara News Waingange’s Water , Society and Politics

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Bhandara: Waingange’s water, society and politics

Ten to fifteen years ago, people used to drink Waingange water without any purification.
I never thought that a small town like Bhandara would ever experience water pollution.

Today,even though we know that water is life in the name of development,we have not been able to stop pollution or make any effort to stop it because we have understood development to be a money-making factory.Of course,the issues of environmental pollution,rivers,streams and winds did not get a place in politics and still do not get a place.

It is not possible to think about the environment until it is clear what development is.Does development happen by destroying the environment? In politics, there will be no politics on the issue of polluted water of Waingange.Then why not ?
Leaders and activists of every political party do not drink or use water.

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