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Dainik jagran ludhiana reinstated with 40 percent outstanding salary, order came

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Ludhiana News:- Good news has come for the Majithia revolutionaries fighting against Dainik Jagran Management. The Ludhiana Labor Court has given its written decision in the ongoing termination cases in Ludhiana. Although the court had given its verdict on July 29 itself, but the written order has been received today.

In this, the court has given the benefit of section 33(2)(b) of the ID Act to the employees who were dismissed in a unilateral investigation alleging strike by the Jagran management and ordered them to be reinstated on the job with 40 percent salary. Along with this, 6% interest has also been given on the outstanding amount.

In this case, in a forty-page judgment, the court held the Dainik Jagran management guilty of violating the provisions of Section 33 of the Industrial Disputes Act, and considered the dismissal of the employee after investigation by the management as illegal and dismissed the investigation report. done.

The Court observed that when Dainik Jagran Management took action against the workers for their dismissal after investigation, the dispute of the workers was pending before the Settlement Officer and as per the provision of Section 33(2)(b) of the above Act, the employees It was necessary to take permission in writing from the settlement officer before dismissing him.

Without this, the action of the management to terminate the services of an employee is considered illegal and unfair.
In this case, the Hon’ble Labor Court, while describing the provisions of this section in detail, declared the lapse of the management to be illegal, the action of the Inquiry Officer and after that, considering the orders of dismissal as illegal, the decision to reinstate the employees on their service. Is.

Although the management had opposed the reinstatement of the job citing the closure of the Ludhiana unit, the court rejected this argument as it was not mentioned in the valid evidence and the proceedings before the court. The court, finding the employees unemployed for the last six years, has ordered them to pay the arrears salary, but citing the loss caused to the newspapers during the Covid period, has ordered to pay only 40 percent of the outstanding salary. These orders will have to be implemented within three months of receiving the order.

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