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During the festival, the 24 tola gold crown of Ganapati temple was stolen

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Solapur: Mushroom Ganpati Temple Kalash Robbery: Ganesha devotees have been shocked as thieves stole this golden temple in the middle of Ganeshotsav. (Ganapati temple gold culmination stolen) The 24 tola gold culmination of mushroom Ganapati temple in Solapur has been stolen. (Ganapati temple 24 tola gold culmination stolen) The culmination of Ganapati in Hipparga village on Solapur-Tuljapur highway has been stolen. (24 tola gold culmination has been stolen of Mushroom Ganapati temple in Solapur)

There is an atmosphere of tension in the village after the incident of 24 tola gold kalas was stolen during Ganeshotsav. There is a mushroom Ganesha temple in Hipparga village on the Solapur-Tuljapur highway.

There is a history of the establishment of this Ganpati by the village deity Shri Siddharameshwar of Solapur. Earlier also in 2016, the culmination of this temple was stolen. Citizens are enraged as the gold was stolen for the second time.

Ganapati is known as the seventh of the Ashtavinayaka Ganapathi established by Siddharameshwar. The golden culmination of mushroom Ganesha at Tale Hipparga created a stir early on Wednesday. After six years, the thief has done this for the second time.

The mushroom in the Hipparga lake near the city is considered to be the jewel of the city of Ganapati. On Tuesday night, the regular puja was over and the priests closed the temple. Pujari Sanjay Patange got up around 4 am for the usual puja.

Before entering the temple, it was his usual practice to first see the Kalash. When I looked for darshan, I did not see the urn. He realized that it had been stolen. He immediately conveyed this idea to Raju Haushetty, President of the Bhakta Mandal.

After that the Solapur taluka police station was contacted. Priest Sanjay Nimbalkar has gone to Solapur taluka police station and lodged a complaint. After this, the police visited the spot and conducted a panchnama.

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