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Emergency-curfew ineffective in Sri Lanka: When 54 protesters were arrested, 600 lawyers reached to rescue them; President Gotabaya is pleading with the opposition

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In Sri Lanka, people angry with the government have come out on violent protests. Things are getting out of control.

There is no fear of emergency and curfew among the people now 600 lawyers reached the court to rescue 54 people who were arrested while protesting.

The court had to release 48 people.

At the same time, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is now seen pleading with the opposition to join hands with the government to get the country out of this crisis.

To understand the current situation in Sri Lanka, we spoke to a local journalist covering the protests there.

While not revealing his name due to security reasons, he told the ground situation there. Before knowing the condition of Sri Lanka, give your opinion by participating in the poll… The situation in Sri Lanka is very tense at the moment. No one knows what will happen next. The country has become completely unstable economically, politically and socially.

People have been protesting against the government continuously for more than a week. At first they started silent demonstrations. He stood silently carrying the poster banner and demanded the President to step down. But, their demands were not listened to. This is the reason that now gradually the demonstrations are getting aggressive.

On April 1, a violent demonstration took place near the President’s house. There was also a clash between the protesters and the Special Task Force deployed in security. Lawyer said, will give legal help to the protesters Things got very tense here. There was stone pelting and vehicles were set on fire. Five journalists and several protesters were injured during the violence. From here the police arrested 54 protesters.

The police wanted to register a case against these protesters under the PTA (Prevention Against Terrorism Act), but more than 600 lawyers reached the court and demanded to ensure the protection of the rights of those arrested. The magistrate released all of the 54 people arrested except six. The lawyers have unitedly given this message that if people want to protest, they are ready to give them legal help.

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