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Know what color clothes will be auspicious for the married people at the time of worship on Haritalika Teej

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Haritalika Teej will be celebrated on Tuesday. This festival is considered very important for married women. On this day, she observes a Nirajal fast for the longevity of her husband and in the evening worships the raw clay idols of Shankar-Parvati and Ganesha. Pandit Vedamurti Shastri, the astrologer of Kashi, is telling about what color clothes should be worn on the occasion of this worship, so you know what astrology says.

Varanasi. Haritalika Teej Vrat will be observed on Tuesday. Not only in Varanasi and Purvanchal, but in the whole of North India, the festival of Haritalika fast is of great importance. On this day, married women keep a waterless bath throughout the day and worship the raw soil of Shankar-Parvati and Shri Ganesha in the evening after doing sixteen make-up.

Kashi’s astrologer Vedamurti has given some important information according to the astrological calculations, regarding what color clothes would be auspicious for the fasting women to wear during this worship. So you know how to choose a wedding dress on Teej.

The color of the garment will be selected according to the zodiac or date of birth

Bhrigusamhita expertVedamurti Shastri told the magazine that during the worship on the occasion of Haritalika Teej fast, the selection of clothes with colors according to the zodiac sign will be especially beneficial for the married women. If there is no information about the zodiac, then women can choose the color of the garment on the basis of the date of birth, this will also leave a special effect in increasing happiness and prosperity for the fasting women.

In astrology, there is an explanation of the relationship between humans and colors.

Pt. Vedamurti Shastri says that in astrology, the interrelationships between humans and colors have been shown very extensively. Different colors have an effect on different zodiac signs. In such a situation, if the clothes of a particular color are worn while performing religious rituals, then the ritual becomes more effective.

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