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Make the resident encroachment according to the rules, request the Center Government through Kha.Sunil Mendhe

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Gondia : Under the central government’Sarvansathi Ghare-2022’or the ambitious scheme,
the Prime Minister’s housing scheme,the local self-government institution,the area,
the whole government department
the land, the encroachment, the rules and regulations should be implemented.
Yasathi 5-member committee Nemanuk Karun committee,as per the requirement,the assistant director,
city construction department,yanchya sallyane encroachment,got regular action taken,asehi namud karanyat came.
the encroachment questionala Ghewun district administration indifferent disoon yet come.
Yamule encroachment holders have been deprived of the benefit of the household scheme.
Or in reference to Lakshya Vedhun encroachment holders,encroachment rules according to rules,
Ashi Magani Adivasi Gowari Samaj Sanghatneche President Sushil Raut ie Kha.
Sunil Mendhe yana dilelya niddenathoon

The citizens are eligible for benefits under the Prime Minister’s housing scheme and the state government.
has been fertilized by all the departments (Forest Department,Vagun)
Nagari Bhagat Asalya Jaminwar resident,the citizens,the encroachers,the encroachments.
the encroachment holders, the trespassers, the trespassers,the District Magistrate,
Or in the middle of the committee, the District Magistrate,the District Administrative Head,
the Deputy Collecto,the District Superintendent.the District Magistrate,the Municipal Council/Nagar Panchayat Chief Officer,
or the incorporation of the concerned Administrative Department.
According to the need of the Tasech Committee,the Assistant Director,Municipal Construction Department.
encroachment got regular action taken,Asehi Namud Karanyat came.
Encroachment rules and regulations,due to which Aalya has to be paid and conditioned.

According to the government on 01/01/2011,the resident of Tyapurvi,the experiment,the encroachment.
the plot, the plot of the land,according to the rules,the eligible relief.Tsech encroachment karanyat aale bhukhand kamal 1500 ch.futachya maryadetch should be done according to the rules,aahi suchit karanyat aaye aaye,
Gondia Jilhyat government decision-making adyapahi anmalbajavani jhalyache disoon yet nahi.
Governance Decision Issued Hovun two years lotle hurt.

Gondia is not a single encroachment holder because of encroachment rules and regulations.
Under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme, Yamule encroachment holders hurt the deprived relief.
Gondia Municipal Councilchaya vatine 2500 encroachment dharkanchi yadi sub divisional officer
office Regards Kelyache Namud Ahe.

the unadulterated encroachment did not come to the benefit of Dharkala Gharkul Yojna.Yojnechya profitasathi Gondia Municipal Council and sub-divisional office,working on paper horses.

Yakde target-centred Karoon Governance According to the rules of the encroachment holder, the process of encroachment according to the rules,Karanyat Yavi, Ashi Magani Adivasi Gowari Samaj Sanghatneche President Sushil Raut.

the next 15 days or so,the case should not be taken out,but the district magistrate’s office.

because of the movement,as a gesture,has come,Yaveli Sachin Shendre, Bhau Gajabe, Yashwant Neware,Manish Raut,Vicky Waghade, Raja Kohre, Vishal Raut, Deepak Neware etc.

would be present.Do not constitute committees…

In the middle of the year 2019,the government decision was issued under the Karoon Sarvasathi Ghare-2022,taking action against the encroachment rules according to the rules.

Accordingly,the District Magistrate or Chairman,Tekhali Committee constituted Karanyache,Zilhyat Samitich formed Jhali Naslyache Adhikariach Sangat hurt. Tyamule jawapass 2500 pksha offer dhukhat padoon aahet.

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