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Make this small change in SIM card and get High Speed ​​Internet, know the process

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Boost Internet Speed: We see smartphones in everyone’s hands. Internet is the soul of this smartphone. Even an expensive phone is useless without internet. So there is a tendency to get a SIM card with a good network. But sometimes, even with a good network card, you don’t get the speed you want. While watching the video, it has to be turned off in the middle as the buffering occurs. On the other hand, the work done in a pinch also stops. Even in your smartphone, the internet speed may not be as good as you want it to be. Today we are going to tell you some simple steps. This will increase the internet speed in your smartphone. From watching videos to downloading it will be faster.

Today’s smartphones have dual SIM card slots. So the SIM card is inserted into the slot of your choice. But this affects your internet speed. Maybe you don’t agree with this. But put the SIM card of which you use the net in slot number one. When the card is inserted into this SIM slot, the internet will run very fast and the calling will also be smooth. 

After inserting the SIM card into the slot, check its position properly. Due to this, if the SIM card is slightly moved here and there, the SIM card will not be read properly. Therefore, the problem of internet remains. You should check the SIM card status and take special care.

The problem of slow internet may be in your phone itself. The default setting slows down your internet speed. For this you need to reset the network setting. First you need to select Setting>> Mobile Network>> Network Operator>> Automatic>> Turn Off. After this you have to manually select the network provider.

Cache fills up your phone’s internal storage. This reduces the speed of the internet. If you haven’t cleared your phone’s cache for a long time, the speed will be affected. 

Today’s smartphones are multi-tasking. It affects internet speed. Close apps you’re not using. Because these apps running in the background can slow down your internet speed.

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