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NASA’s Artemis-1 mission will be launched on September 2, there was a fault in the rocket’s

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NASA’s Artemis-1 mission was to be launched today

but now it has been postponed. NASA’s Moon mission was halted after engine leakage. Now the Hydrogen team is working with the Artemis-1 launch director on further planning.

This mission will now be launched on 2 September. The Artemis-1 mission is to begin fifty years after the astronauts last set foot on the Moon during the Apollo 17 mission. Let us tell you that this space launch system rocket of three hundred and 22 feet is the most powerful rocket ever made by NASA.

It is set to send an empty crew capsule into lunar orbit nearly half a century after NASA’s Apollo missions. During the Apollo mission, 12 astronauts landed on the Moon. If this six-week test flight goes well, the astronauts can return to the moon in a few years. However, NASA officials have warned that the risk is high and the flight duration may be shortened.

Preparing to Settle Man on the Moon

NASA officials said on Sunday that there was no damage to the rocket and capsule at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center during Saturday’s thunderstorm. He said that there was no damage to the other equipment as well. It is noteworthy that NASA’s Artemis-1 mission is moving towards an important step in bringing humans back after nearly half a century.

NASA’s rocket will go to the moon

Let us tell you that this is going to be an important journey for NASA’s Space Launch System and Orion Crew Capsule. This spacecraft will go to the Moon, will drop some small satellites into orbit and will put itself in orbit. NASA’s objective is to receive training in spacecraft operations and to investigate the conditions experienced by astronauts around the Moon.

What is the specialty of Artemis-1

It is a new type of rocket system as its main engines are a combination of both liquid oxygen and hydrogen systems, as well as two solid rocket boosters inspired by the spacecraft. It is actually a hybrid form of a spacecraft (Space Shuttle) and Apollo’s Saturn V rocket. This test is very important because the actual working of the Orion croon capsule will be seen. This training will take about a month in the space environment of the Moon

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