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Pallavi Lanjewar’s murder or suicide should be investigated impartially: BJP Women’s Front demands

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Tumsar :- Due to mental and physical torture by the in-laws, an incident of marital suicide by hanging has taken place in Bhandara city police station limits. The name of the deceased married as Pallavi Pravin Lanjewar age 34 and the police have registered a case against the in-laws.

Deceased Pallavi Pravin Lanjewar’s daughter was being mentally abused by her in-laws in the house… She used to say to her mother that these people are harassing me, take me away…
She always tried to convince her mother that they would improve but those people were beyond understanding but there was inhuman torture…
Finally . Before she died, she called her mother and told her that she should take me. Before she reached her mother, she called that she was hanged. But there is a strong suspicion that her in-laws killed her
. Pallavi Lanjewar should get justice,
at that time Kalyani Bhure, Ms. Geetatai Kondewar, Ms. Priyanka Katre, Ms. Priti Malewar, Ms. Vinatai Dhurve, Ms. Aditi Kalbandhe, Ms. Pallavi Patil, Ms. Chayatai Malewar

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