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Raj Thackeray’s meeting in Goa? However, the MNS is in full swing

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Vishal Karole, Aurangabad: MNS president Raj Thackeray announced the Aurangabad meeting at the Thane Uttar Sabha. Although MNS workers started working after that, this meeting has not been allowed yet.

MNS is adamant to hold the meeting in the cultural ground itself. Activists have also started work by going to the ground and worshiping the platform. Distribution of invitation leaflets has also started. The MNS is adamant on holding a meeting in this ground. MNS has also released a teaser of Raj Thackeray’s meeting.

Hindutva’s Thackeray cannon will hit Aurangabad and the activists have been appealed to prepare Rajtilak in this teaser. This teaser is now being widely shared by MNS activists for vigorous preparation for the meeting.

Through this teaser, MNS has invited the citizens to come to the meeting. This teaser has been named as Raj Garjana. Also, in this teaser, the city of Aurangabad is mentioned as Sambhajinagar. What will Raj Thackeray say in this meeting on May 1 everyone is watching to see who will be targeted.

On the backdrop of Raj Thackeray’s MNS meeting, there was talk of police imposing a curfew in the city. However, the Commissioner of Police has clarified that section 144 is not applicable in the city.

Despite the commissioner’s statement, Home Minister Valse Patil has not yet disclosed all the details regarding the meeting. MNS has been put on gas saying that it will take a decision based on the situation.

Raj Thackeray has given an ultimatum of May 3 to take down the horns on mosques. Police are on alert as a sensitive meeting is to be held in Aurangabad just two days before it. It is also said that Shiv Sena is not willing to allow MNS to use the cultural ground which was famous for Balasaheb’s meetings. Therefore, the conflict is likely to flare up with the permission of the meeting

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