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Russia claims gave way to help the world

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Ukraine speaks Russian soldiers fled in fear of attacks

It has been more than four months since the war between Russia and Ukraine. During this time it happened for the first time that Russia has left any place in Ukraine of its own free will. However, Ukraine, on the other hand, is claiming that its army has forced the Russian army to flee from this island.

Snake Island, located in the Black Sea between Russia and Ukraine, is very important from a strategic point of view. Ukraine’s agricultural products and wheat are exported from close to this island. Russia’s Defense Ministry said – We have decided to leave this place on humanitarian grounds. This island is also called Jiminy Island.

Russia’s occupation since February

When Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February, it had made it clear that it would destroy Ukraine’s economy. Under this strategy, the Russian army heavily bombed and occupied Snake Island. Because of this, all exports to Ukraine were closed. The world had to bear the brunt of this directly. Ukraine’s wheat and other agricultural products did not reach other countries and a world food crisis arose.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement – ​​We have withdrawn troops from Snake Island. We do not want any crisis to arise for humanity, so we have decided to build the Human Corridor

Ukraine claims – Russian soldiers fled

Whatever Russia may be claiming about the Snake Island present in the Black Sea, but the truth is that Ukraine is not ready to accept its arguments. In a conversation with the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry of Ukraine said – Russia’s claim is ridiculous. Our missiles and bombing have forced him to leave Port City Odessa and Snake Island.

another good news

Another glimmer of hope came from the talks between Kyiv and Moscow. Russia handed over 144 of its prisoners to Ukraine. Ukraine did the same thing and released 144 Russian prisoners. After four months of war, this is the first time that the two countries have taken any positive step after talks. Especially when Russia has captured an important city like Mariupol. Still 15,000 thousand people are kind of hostage in this city.

Meanwhile, the meeting of the Heads of State of NATO countries continues in Madrid. US President Joe Biden has made it clear that the US military will be increased in Europe. The American Fifth Corps is being deployed in Poland.

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