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Salman Rushdie was attacked by 10 to 15 attackers in just 20 seconds”, eyewitness told

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New Delhi:Writer Salman Rushdie was attacked on stage during an event in New York. Rushdie was seriously injured in the attack, who was later airlifted to a nearby hospital. At present, he is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Amidst all this, an eyewitness (Rabbi Charles) has told about this attack.

When Rushdie was attacked, Rabbi Charles was present in the hall where Rushdie was to deliver a speech shortly after. Rabbi Charles told that the attacker first climbed the platform where Rushdie was present, including several other people. After this he started trying to climb on Rushdie. No one could understand what this person was trying to do. 

Before the security officers present there could understand anything, the attacker attacked Rushdie. For about 20 seconds, the accused made about 10 to 15 blows one after the other on Rushdie. At the same time, an AP reporter has also confirmed that the attacker has hit Rushdie at least 15 times. 

Let us tell you that New York Police confirmed the knife attack regarding this incident and said that Rushdie has been taken to the hospital by helicopter. According to the police, the attacker has been taken into custody. A person taking the interview also suffered a minor head injury during the attack. In some photos, blood stains are clearly visible on the stage after the attack. According to reports, when Rushdie was about to deliver a lecture on Friday, he was attacked.

Significantly, Indian-origin English writer Rushdie had landed in controversies in the 1980s over his book Satanic Verses. 

There was a lot of outrage in the Muslim society about this book, this book was banned in many countries including Iran. A religious leader of Iran even issued a fatwa on his death. Since then, Rushdie has been a frequent target of Muslim fundamentalists.

Delhi-based British writer William Dalrymple, reacting to the attack on Rushdie, hoped that he would not have been hurt.

 The news agency Associated Press has said that its reporter saw a man at the Chautauqua Institution rapidly approaching the stage. While being introduced, this man attacked Rushdie. Due to this the famous writer fell on the floor, later this person was brought under control.

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