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‘Shocking’ in ‘Hindustan’!

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It seems that our responsible newspapers have taken the great responsibility of word formation in Hindi on their shoulders. The media, which is called the mint of word-making, and the vocabulary of more than three dozen dialects, may not find words of action, so now it has found a highway of strong communication in linguistic fusion. Some time ago, the people of ‘Aaj Tak’ channel found the word ‘regrettable’ insufficient, so they made ‘regret’ by mixing Sanskrit ‘Janak’ in Persian ‘regret’.

Following the same path, yesterday, for the first time, a big newspaper has used ‘astonished’ in a strange way by combining Arabic ‘astonished’ and Sanskrit’s ‘Janak’. Now you can also memorize it, as it may become a common practice in the future.

It is the media who put ‘ki’ before the Persian word ‘Darkar’ and used so many sentences of the type ‘He needs help’, ‘Billions of rupees are needed’ that the Urdu people are crying till today that brother Hindi has ‘Darkar’.

How can you use ‘key’ before ‘desired’, ‘expected’ to be substituted for ‘! But now what will you do even if you go, then it has gone – Mahajano yen gath sa pantha.

Newspapers will find plenty of arguments for words like ‘astonishing’, as we use linguistic fusions like ‘anubam’, ‘nuclear bomb’, ‘pee house’, ‘rose-berries’, ‘chor-bazaar’, ‘advertisement’. Doing it. Now don’t say that these words were made up intelligently, but ‘astonishing’ is stupid.

Sir, what’s the harm in ‘shocking’ when electronic media have coined words like ‘disgraceful’ riding on ’embarrassing’?

Yes, it can be justified that adding ‘parent’ to ‘astonished’ is foolish, because ‘shocked’ means astonished—and what can add ‘parent’ to ‘amazed’ to become ‘astonishing’? Add ‘Janak’ to ‘Astonishment’, it will run; But with what mathematics would you associate it in ‘Amazing’?

Similarly, if you add ‘Janak’ to ‘surprise’, we would have been surprised for a while, but you really surprised by replacing ‘Janak’ in ‘surprised’. But what to do, the media also has its own problems. If you get caught in the confusion of language, then the news will be left behind.

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