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Story of RCB star Shahbaz Father’s word: A boy from a village with doctors-engineers bunked classes for cricket, used to say that he would call for a degree and this is what happened

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Shahbaz Ahmed, the hero of RCB’s victory, is a resident of Sikrawa village in Mewat district.
His father Ahmed Jan is a reader of SDM in Palwal.
the head of a family, he also wanted his son to work as a civil engineer & the household.
So he left the village and started living in Hathin
so that the children could get good education.After completing 12th, in the year 2011,
father Ahmed got so that he could become an engineer, but it took Shahbaz 11 years to complete degree.
Shahbaz to his mother that the university would call him and give him a degree.

Ahmed Jan says that civil engineering degree should have been 3 yrs 2015.due to cricket it was completed in 2022.

He always used to tell his mother that don’t worry about my degree.the university people will call you my dream is to big.
i will sucessful person in future,

It happened exactly the same Father says-We were specially invited in the convocation.

the university in January this year. Shahbaz did not reach due to cricket,so we went to get his degree.I got that respect, maybe if he had not become a cricketer,
he would not have got it i will become a cricketer and we will got more respect.
Now we have no regrets on his decision.bunk click Ahmed is knowing that it was known that the exam in Faridabad was taking place.
Shahrukh is bunking for the share.From cricket and examination to cricket management is also asked to pick one in either match or cricket.
whichever was selected.

Shahbaz showed the cricket and took the seating of Focused.To play the triple game in Adultold Guvva.Coach Mansoor lied.

Went to Bengal on the advice of a friend, then made a career
Shahbaz’s father told that after graduation his friend Pramod Chandila took him to Bengal to play cricket.
Chandila also play club cricket in Bengal.
After this,in the 2020 IPL auction,Royal Challengers Bangalore bought Shahbaz for 20 lakhs and this in the present.
shahbaz in play like very expencive player and its very good for RCB to win his first IPL trophy

Reporter-Tejas Gondane

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