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Subrata Roy had to issue an order

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Sahara India Pariwar Subrata Roy had to issue an order – ‘Do not get recommendations from outsiders in matters of transfer posting promotion increment’

The world of Sahara Group is unique. The clever Sujans working here keep on doing their good by getting the big leaders, officers and ministers to lobby.

There are also many people who got jobs in Sahara Media by getting recommendations from outside leaders and officers. The basic business of Sahara Group is such that it has to keep politicians and officers under wraps.

Because of this, the trend of making external phone calls to get a job in Sahara and then to take advantage of transfer, posting, promotion, increment etc. is gaining momentum. Saddened by the increasing number of diseases, Sahara Shri Subrata Roy has issued a written order directing them not to make such recommendations.

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Those who still do not desist from lobbying by outside forces, then strict action will be taken against them.

It is discussed that a powerful minister of UP put pressure on Subrata Roy Sahara. They wanted a special person to be made editor or state bureau chief. But Subrata Roy categorically refused. After the recommendation, that gentleman has been posted at Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow. Subrata Roy was so annoyed by this external pressure that he issued an internal circular giving orders for his employees .

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