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Suddenly the clouds became like the colors of the rainbow, the onlookers were stunned; amazing video viral

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Rare Rainbow Cloud in China: Nature often shows amazing views, seeing which sometimes people jump with joy and sometimes they are also stunned. Something similar was seen in China, when suddenly the color of the clouds became like a rainbow, whose video is going viral on social media. Many people were stunned by giving this rainbow seen in the sky of China.

Haven’t seen such a rainbow yet

You must have also seen a rainbow in the sky many times, but you have not seen such a rainbow till now. The video going viral is from Haikou city of Hainan Province, China, where people saw a strange rainbow on August 21. Looking at the rainbow, it seems as if the color of the clouds has changed.

Video going viral on social media

The video was shared by a Twitter user named @Earthlings10m and the caption read, ‘Rainbow scarf cloud in Haikou city, China.’ The video has been viewed more than 27.1 million i.e. 2.7 crore times so far and has been retweeted by more than 4 thousand people. People are liking this 9 second video very much.

Clouds seen wearing a variegated crown

Looking at the video, it looks as if a rainbow ring is formed over the dark clouds and the clouds are wearing a sartorial crown. It is also called ‘Colored Scarf Cloud’. It is quite rare to see such a rainbow in the sky, but it is not impossible either. It is called ‘scarf cloud’ or ‘pilus’.

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