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The girl robbed the bank by showing a toy gun, absconded with lakhs of rupees

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Trending News: A girl robbed a bank by showing a toy gun. She absconded with Rs 10 lakh from the bank. The funny thing is that the girl stole the money deposited in her account. A video of bank robbery has also been made and it is going viral on social media. The photos of this girl are also going viral on social media and people have also reacted.

What is the real issue?

This case is in Lebanon. The name of the girl who robbed the bank is Sali Hafiz and she is 28 years old. On Wednesday, she reached Beirut Bank with a toy gun. As soon as he reached the bank, he showed a gun and demanded money, threatening the bank employees with a gun in a filmy style. Seeing the gun in the girl’s hand, there was a commotion in the bank. An atmosphere of fear was created among the employees.

Seeing the condition of the employees, Sali Hafiz said that I am not here to kill anyone, I just want my money. Sali Hafiz’s money was stuck in the bank for the past few years. But due to some reasons she was not getting money from the bank. At the end of the year, Hafeez chose a different way to get his money. Hafiz pointed a gun at the employee at the cash counter and withdrew Rs 10 lakh 33 from his account.

He wanted money for his sister’s treatment

Sali Hafeez has told the reason why the time has come to rob money. Her sister has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Hafeez urgently needed money for her treatment. A total cost of Rs 40 lakh was said for the treatment. 16 lakh was deposited in the bank, but she could not withdraw it for the last three years.

Only 15 thousand rupees were given by the bank at a time. Hafiz, who was disappointed, decided to take this dangerous step. Out of 16 lakhs, 10 lakh rupees were withdrawn from the bank.

Lebanon has been in a financial crisis since 2019 and bank deposits have been frozen for three years. People are struggling to withdraw their own money. Only certain amount is being given by the bank to the customers.

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