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These police stations are not police Stations but recovery Station

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Bhandara News:- Maharashtra Police should be given training, police officers doing duty of their own free will
After the accident, the police officers first go to Tapri and stay in the police station till they drink tea, but they do not consider it necessary to go to the place where the accident has happened. It is not necessary to do Panchnama before the police personnel are called. It is necessary to write a report in the police station first.

Earlier it used to take 30 minutes to write a report, today after going digital, a report is being written in 2,3 hours.
Such employees have been recruited in Bhandara district, whose house or shop has been stolen. They are being asked if they can give us details, whether it is police work or that of a reporter, and asking the opposite question, police personnel from some places in Maharashtra like rural police officers in Bhandara district.

station. Let us tell you that the villagers of Bhandara district drink alcohol here in the name of the police station and night duty. More attention should be paid to Kardha Police Station Mohadi, Warthi, Jawaharnagar. These police stations are not police personnel but recovery workers.

CCTVs have been installed in every police station for demonstration. Why doesn’t any senior officer check that CCTV photo?

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