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TV ordered online turns out to be damaged, young man from Nashik recovers full amount with 10 percent interest with the help of law

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Amol eagerly ordered a TV from Flipkart to gift at his sister’s wedding . However, in the midst of the wedding, it failed to turn on. After about 15 days, after everything was stabilized, the sister connected the TV. But, it was noticed that half of its display was gone. When I complained to Flipkart in this regard , they gave a vague reply. The TV company also raised its hands. Finally, Amol took the matter in hand with the help of consumer court and taught the company a good lesson without spending anything. Going to court prepared to fight his own case, Amol was awarded the full amount of the bill with 10 percent interest, Rs 5,000 for mental anguish and Rs 3,000,000 as compensation for filing the complaint.

Someone’s cheating, someone’s torture, someone’s mental distress, interference in someone’s personal life, violation of someone’s rights, property disputes, family quarrels… What does the law say about any matter? It is said that the wise should not climb the steps of the court, but many have climbed it and earned their rights. A new series #KaydyaChambola that explains the things of this law in simple terms. You will get the most reliable information from the lawyers who are experts in law. Let us know if you have any legal doubts.

Currently, shopping is done through many online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon. If you are one of them, you must have had a similar bad experience at some point. Or may come in the future. What should we do in such a situation? It should have legal information. You will also know this from Amol’s fight.

Amol Shaila Suresh, (Nashik) purchased VU Television California Smart Android TV from Flipkart ‘s website ( on 16 June 2021 as a gift for his sister Kanchan’s wedding . For this he had paid Rs 23,748 online. Three days after placing the order, the TV reached Amol’s home in Nashik on June 19. On looking inside the box, the TV was in good condition from the outside. After handing over the TV, the company man will come home and install it. You were also instructed not to touch.

As there was a wedding at home, Amol requested the company people to come after a few days. However, the company did not make any contact after that. After finally settling down in the wedding house, when the TV set was turned on, it was found that the display panel of the TV was completely cracked. This was immediately reported to the company’s customer service toll free number. However, the company initially gave evasive answers without registering the complaint. Requested to replace the TV or refund the money. However, the company did not appreciate it. About a month and a half after warning to file a court complaint, the company mailed on October 12 that it would get 50 percent of the money back. Amol had taken complete protection plan by paying 1 thousand rupees. A claim was made from the same plan. But they were paying 50% of it. With such a big fuss being made when nothing was wrong, Amol finally chose to fight the legal battle.

In this regard, Amol said, I first lodged a complaint three times on the consumer helpline portal ( On this the company closed the complaint with the false reason that ‘attempted to contact you could not be reached, so we are closing your complaint’. I myself sent a notice to the company on October 12 and demanded compensation. The company did not respond to that.

Finally I went to consumer court in Nashik. After seeing the application form there, he filed the complaint himself without taking the help of any lawyer. My case was filed in court in a week. At the first hearing the judge asked me who is your lawyer? I replied that I will fight my case myself. Do you have knowledge of law? When asked by the judge, I said no. He told the employee and called a woman public prosecutor. He informed me that he will fight your case. The judge also advised me to learn everything from your lawyers and inform ten more people.

Finally justice was served

My case was decided in my favor after the hearing was completed within eight days of filing the case in the court. Full amount of TV bill with 10 percent interest, Rs 5000 for mental anguish and Rs 3000 thousand for complaint application expenses were awarded. Actually, it took one and a half years for me to get justice. But, I am satisfied. For this, I am a government lawyer Adv. Konika Tile-Jadhav provided valuable support.

How to file a complaint if this happens?

You can call 1800-11-4000 or 14404 to register your complaint. Just like SMS your complaint will be recorded here and the possible solution or what you need to do next. This information will be provided. You can register yourself and lodge your complaint at portal. Here you can also attach your complaint information, company name and dispute related documents.

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