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Twins Towers Blast Story: The twin towers of corruption built in Noida, buried in history, were challenging the Qutub Minar

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In Noida, adjacent to Delhi, two residential towers higher than the Qutub Minar were found in the mud with a blast. According to the information received, under the scheme, the Twin Towers (Cyan and Apex) of Supertech Builder in Noida were exploded at 2:30 pm on Sunday with 3700 kg of gunpowder. After this both the towers came down within 9 to 13 seconds. Along with this, there was a cloud of dust for some time.

People would be surprised to know that both these minarets were taller than the historical building of Delhi, Qutub Minar. Where the height of Qutub Minar is only 72.2 meters. At the same time, the height of illegally built Cyan and Apex Towers in Noida Sector-93A was more than 100 meters. Where Apex Tower was 32 storied, Cyan was 29 storied, but became history on Sunday afternoon.

Both these illegal towers were demolished after the order of the Supreme Court. Engineers of the FDI company that demolished these towers say that according to the plan, the illegal twin towers of Supertech in Noida were exploded at exactly 2.30 am.

Twin towers collapsed in 9 to 13 seconds

Chetan Dutta, associated with Indian Blast Fdis Company, blasted the remote by pressing the button. He pressed the button of the remote to blast from a distance of about 50-70 metres. After this both the towers piled on the ground in 9 to 13 seconds.

Edphis Engineering officials say the twin towers have been safely demolished using ‘water fall implosion’ technique. The twin towers were just 9 meters from the nearest building Apex and Cyan, so precautions were taken and no damage was done to the buildings.

Write by Vedant Bansod

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