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Who is Sudhir Sangwan ? Sonali Phogat’s family has accused her of rape, blackmailing and murder

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Who is Sudhir Sangwan: Goa Police on Thursday arrested two persons and registered murder charges against them in connection with the death of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sonali Phogat. The accused have been identified as Sonali’s PM Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder Vasi. When Phogat reached Goa on August 22, Sangwan and Vasi accompanied her. Phogat’s brother Rinku Dhaka had named both the accused in a complaint to Anjuna police on Wednesday.

Who are Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder

Since Sonali’s death, her PM Sudhir and friend Sukhwinder are under constant questioning. When Haryana assembly elections were held in 2019, BJP declared Sonali Phogat as its candidate from Adampur.During this time Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Vasi came in contact with Sonali. When the election was over, Sudhir started working as Sonali’s PA. Later Sukhwinder also came in contact with Sonali. While Sudhir is a resident of Rohtak, Sukhwinder is a resident of Bhiwani. As time passed, both of them won Sonali’s trust.

Family Charges

Sonali’s family alleges that with the passage of time, Sudhir ousted Sonali’s old staff and took all the control in his own hands. According to the allegations of the family, Sudhir had an eye on Sonali’s property and before her death, Sonali had called and told that she would file a complaint against Sudhir. It is alleged in the complaint that he was raping Sonali for 3 years and was also blackmailing her by making videos. Not only this, the family is also calling Sudhir an accused in the theft at Sonali’s farm house.

Then Erase the Evidence

The family says that as soon as they got the news that Sonali had died of a heart attack, they reached Sonali’s farm house. Going there, the family noticed that the laptop, some important documents and the DVR were missing.Sonali’s brother Watan Dhaka said that we suspect that Shivam has done this work at the behest of Sudhir Sangwan to destroy all the evidence.

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