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Women are being trafficked in the name of abortion pills in America

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if there should not be a situation like Brazil

America News: After the ban on abortion in America, people fear that a situation like Brazil may not be created here. Actually, after the ban on abortion in Brazil, there is a ban on selling abortion pills. These pills are being sold by drug dealers on the black market.

Needy women especially teenagers are buying it directly from drug dealers without doctor’s advice. Due to this women came in direct contact with drug dealers, which increased the risk of trafficking.

As a result, the government indirectly put women at high risk. Abortion has been illegal in Brazil since 1890. Exceptions were added in the 1940s for women who became pregnant as a result of rape or sexual assault. Due to the restrictions, women found an easier method of abortion. She started using drugs given for abortion.

Last November, a 23-year-old girl studying in college, Jaina, bought 8 abortion pills from a drug dealer for about Rs 22 thousand. This led to a miscarriage at 8 weeks at home, but bleeding continued for several weeks.

She was mentally disturbed, but could not take anyone’s help. The punishment for abortion in Brazil is 3 years in prison. There was no change for 7 weeks, so she went to the women’s clinic for treatment. Fortunately, no one informed the police about the abortion.

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