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Yes you can fight your case shubham parkhedkar says

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Yes, even without the Sanad of a lawyer, a person can fight his own case, the lawyer is given the ADVOCATES ACT basis of the Sanad.

An application to this effect will have to be made in the court under THE ADVOCATES ACT, section 32.

And THE ADVOCATES ACT, 1961 says:

Section 32. Power of Court to permit appearances in particular cases.—

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Chapter, any court, authority, or person may permit any person, not enrolled as an advocate under this Act, to appear before it or him in any particular case.

Economist Subramanian Swamy often fights his case on his own. Yes his wife Roxana Swamy is definitely a lawyer in the Supreme Court.


Goa Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vs R K Chawla et al., dated 4 July 2011 in the Supreme Court, (2011) 15 SCC 449; A person named Vishnu Kerikar filed an application in the Supreme Court that he wants to fight the case on behalf of Goa Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. on the basis of the power of attorney obtained from his ailing father.

The Supreme Court said that a person can fight his own case if he wants. One cannot fight a case on behalf of another on the basis of Power of Attorney, the person’s personal presence in the court is necessary to fight his own case. Otherwise a lawyer will be needed.

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