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A minor student assaulted due to mobile chatting

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Sakoli News:- Chatting with a friend on a mobile phone has come to the fore of a minor student. Police have registered a case against two youths under POSCO and arrested them in connection with two youths assaulting the said minor student during the mid-vacation in a reputed school on Nagzira Road in Sakoli.

Due to this beating incident, an atmosphere of fear has been created among the students. Every day, hundreds of minors and young men and women come to Sakoli’s various schools and colleges from many villages in the taluka. Through mobiles and social media, there is a picture that the mobile phones of young people and young students are increasing.

There is a need for conscious parents to be careful about where their children go and how they use mobile phones.

According to the information received from the police sources, a minor student studying in class 12th of a reputed junior college in Sakoli was chatting with her friend on Instagram of her mobile phone.

In this, the youths who beat up the minor student got the information on Instagram where they were chatting. Due to this, the youth went to school on Tuesday 23 August and beat up the student during the mid-day break.

The teachers who were present in the school informed the police about the matter. The police immediately reached the school and admitted the frightened minor student to Upazila Hospital Sakoli for medical examination.

After the complaint of the minor girl was filed after treatment, the police searched for the accused and arrested the accused Durgesh Ranjit Kusram 20 years resident of Panchsheel Ward Sakoli, Kundan alias Sajan Rameshwar Dhoke 22 years resident of Jamnapur in the evening. 452,323,506,34 has been registered under BHADVI and POSCO. Further investigation of this case under the guidance of Thanedar Jitendra Borkar Assistant Police Inspector Poonam Kumbhare, Po. Kan. Amit Vadettiwar, P.O. Kan. Prashant is boasting.

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