Monday, March 4, 2024
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 Laptop Accessories

    When you have brought your new laptop, there are some of the useful accessorices that you must buy from us in order to add life to Your laptop.Accessorices like Carrying case, Chill mat, privacy screen, and accessoriesthat can extend can extent your battery your life while you are go.

Laptop Battery 

    Laptop Battery is one most important think everyone keeps checking while working .if you are continuosly working on your laptop from hours, it is obvious that your laptop battery would        brain. For the Laptop battery to last for longer hours….

Laptop Adapter 

    Laptop Adapter is a must to buy connectivity that is very important to keep your laptop charged. One can only feel it redubdant till the time, the laptop battery is charger to 10% After that, the need to buy a laptop adapter starts.

                     Laptop Power Cords  

    You are working on your Laptop from long hours and you find that it’s time to charge it. Suddenly you see that your Laptop is not charging  at all. What you do? Well, there can be several reasons for this kind of problem. Before coming to any conclusion, you can bring your laptop to us and we help you to fix the problem. 


Laptop Screen 

    Laptop screen is the main hardware that shows you the output of your work. you can not afford to bear the faulty Laptop  Screen for a single day. your entire work comes to hanlt when you find problems like broken Laptop screen, fluction screen, blurred screen, blurred screen, blurred screen or any other. 

Laptop Motherbord 

    A motherboerd is a complex system board usually present inside your laptop. This bord contains most of the smaller to largeer componets that are responsible for smooth working of your laptop. There are different types of Motherbords available in the Market . Our Laptop services center…