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Bhandara News: Negligence, not a single CCTV repair for 6 years

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Bhandara News :- CCTV cameras have been installed at 73 different places in the city.

But none of these CCTVs is started.

All of them are closed. In such a situation, how alert is the administration on the question of the safety of the citizens of the city, it is known here.

Concerned about the security of the city, the administration had installed these CCTVs at important and important places many years ago, but now it seems that the administration is not worried about the security of the city.
That is why the administration is sitting silent. 72 lakhs were spent – 73 CCTV cameras were installed in the city in the year 2016.

Now it is going to complete 6 years. Not a single CCTV was repaired during this period. At that time, the amount was approved for the installation of CCTV in the innovative scheme. According to one information, 72 lakh rupees were spent.

ADD 8 months ago 32 were started before the last 8 months from the city council, the entire CCTV was investigated.. Then only 32 CCTVs were started out of this. But now not a single CCTV is started after the rain. People stole all the remaining CCTV cables in the rain.

The CCTV cameras installed in various parts of the city were connected through cables so that they could continue to work. But the one who got it stole the cable. So now it is not easy to start these CCTVs.

Nump will spend 10 lakh repairing: Mahesh Dupare, Engineer of the Electricity Department of Dupare Municipal Council, told that the police department needs CCTV the most. Therefore, through the city council, the proposal was given to the police department, the district magistrate’s office has been given many times for CCTV repair.

But neither the police department nor the revenue department took a positive approach in this direction, finally the city council has decided to repair the CCTV on its own. About 10 lakh rupees will be spent for this.

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