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BJP MNS Alliance: Will BJP-MNS alliance? State president reveals

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Mumbai: After the transfer of power in the state (Maharashtra Political Crisis), the political equations are changing. In the background of Mumbai Municipal Election (BMC Election 2022) all the parties have started preparations. Shiv Sena also joined hands with Sambhaji Brigade and formed an alliance. After that, it is possible to see the beginning of new equations.

(maharashtra political bjp state president chandrashekahr bawankule told on alliance with mns)

An important BJP leader is climbing the steps of Shivtirtha. Therefore, the BJP-MNS alliance is being discussed in a subdued voice. This is how BJP state president Chandrasekhar Bawankule has given his reaction on this.

Our Delhi and senior leaders will decide about the alliance, I have only the job of party growth. Bawankule said that there is ideological similarity between MNS and BJP, there is no problem in meeting the leadership who will be in the state to protect Maharashtra and Hindutva and we have family relations. When Bawankule met MNS Chief Raj Thackeray, he interacted with the media.

Sources have informed that Raj Thackeray went to Sagar Bungalow and met Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. In the evening, National General Secretary Vinod Tawde visited Raj Thackeray’s ‘Shivatirtha’ residence. Due to Bawankule’s visit today, discussions have started in the political circle that BJP and MNS are really cooking.

Due to the political transition, the atmosphere in the state has become unstable. To take advantage of this, it seems that BJP is preparing for the elections with MNSela. Raj Thackeray’s rhetoric can also effectively raise election issues for the BJP. BJP can also benefit from this. Therefore, the meeting of BJP leaders has gained great importance.

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