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Hearing on petitions related to Agniveer in Delhi HC today: Supreme Court had said – such a large number of petitions are not necessary

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All the petitions related to the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme will be heard in the Delhi High Court from today. While transferring these petitions, the Supreme Court had said that such a large number of petitions are neither necessary nor have they been sent correctly.

The Supreme Court had said – National issue does not mean that it cannot be heard in the High Court.

The Supreme Court had also said that the High Courts should either transfer their petitions to the Delhi High Court. Or keep these petitions pending, with the condition that the petitioners can take them to the Delhi High Court.

Opposition angry on asking for caste and religion certificates

Opposition parties have targeted the BJP over the Agneepath scheme. Opposition parties say that the BJP is trying to make ‘Jaativeer‘ under the guise of Agniveer scheme.

Opposition parties say that caste and religion certificates are being sought from candidates for recruitment as Agniveer.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has said that an attempt is being made to make Jati Veer by using Agniveer. The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has said that the attempt to create discrimination on the basis of caste in Agniveer is inspired by the RSS.

BJP denies the allegations – asking for caste certificate is the normal process

Refuting the allegations of the opposition, the BJP has said that it is a normal process to ask for caste certificate in the recruitment process. BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra retorted saying- ‘In 2013, the Indian Army had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that caste does not play any role in the process of recruitment in the army, although the caste column is due to administrative or operative reasons. is filled.

Agniveer Yojana was launched last month

The Central Government on June 14 had launched the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme to recruit a large number of youth in the three branches of the Army – Army, Navy and Air Force.

Army chiefs said that the objective of this scheme is to reduce the average age of the army and to include more and more youth in it. The age limit to be eligible for the scheme is 17.5-21 years. Youth who have passed 10th and 12th can apply for this.

Under this scheme, the youth will have to serve in the Defense Force for only 4 years. An argument was also being given behind this that the government has taken this step to reduce the budget of salary and pension. However, both the army and the government have been denying this.

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