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India vs Australia Live Score 2nd T20I: AUS lose Green, Maxwell early in 8-over hitathon

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India vs Australia 2nd T20 highlights: Rohit Sharma smashed an unbeaten 46 off 20 balls while Dinesh Karthik hit a six and a four off the only two balls he faced to lead the hosts to a series-levelling win.

India vs Australia 2nd T20I highlights: Rohit Sharma batted in his own world while wickets fell around him. Matthew Wade’s 43 off 20 balls led Australia to a score of 90/5 in a match that was reduced to an eight overs a side contest due to a two-hour delay caused by a wet outfield. Rohit responded by scoring an unbeaten 46 off 20 balls and leading the Indian chase with brief cameos from KL Rahul, Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya. Dinesh Karthik finished the match by hitting a six and a four off the first two balls of the last over, which were the only ones he faced in the entire match. The three-match series is now level 1-1. 

IND vs AUS 2nd T20I highlights(Getty Images)

India vs Australia Live Score Updates: A wet outfield forced the match to start only after a two-hour delay and the it has been reduced to an eight-overs a side contest. While Axar Patel and Jasprit Bumrah kept a check on the Australian innings, Matthew Wade led Australia to a total of 90/5 in their eight overs. India thus need to chase down a steep target of 91 in just eight overs to level the series, having lost the first T20I in Mohali. Rohit Sharma has since anchored the Indian chase with a brilliant knock despite the wickets that have fallen at the other end

Live Update

  • IND vs AUS Live: India beat Australia by 6 wickets 

Four off the next ball, Karthik has hit a six and a four off the two balls he has faced in this match and taken India over the line. This Nagpur crowd had to wait for a long, long time to get to see this match but they have got a real treat today. Rohit Sharma batted in his own little world to smash nearly half of India’s runs and Dinesh Karthik needed just two deliveries to make his mark. Jasprit Bumrah nailing those yorkers would be a good sight for the Indian fans as well considering the pacer is coming back from an injury break. The series is level at 1-1, and the third game in Hyderabad will decide the winner. It is a series between India and Australia after all, it cannot be decided in just two games. 

  • India vs Australia live: SIX! KARTHIK IS IN THE HOUSE!

India need three to win off the last five balls now. He hoicks it over wide fine leg to start the last over in style. 

  • 2nd T20 live score: OUT! Time for Pandya to walk

Australia are back in this contest now. Slow from Cummins, Pandya tries to go big but ends up getting just height and no distance. Finch holds on. 

  • India vs Australia 2nd T20I Live: FOUR! Shot from Pandya!

Almost a flat six over cover. Waits for the slow delivery to come to him from Cummins, stands still and smacks it over the infield


Back of a length and, obviously, Rohit brings out the pull. He keeps it down this time and reaches 40 in 17. India 67/3 in 5.4 overs. 

  • India vs Australia live: FOUR! Lovely shot from Rohit

Rohit is batting in a world of his own. Goes inside out off Abbott and over cover for four. He has reached 36 in 16.

  • IND vs AUS 2nd T20I Live: GONE! SKY gone for a golden duck

Zampa is on a hat-trick!

Suryakumar lbw b Zampa 0 (1), 55/3 in 4.3 overs need 36 runs to win in 21 balls

  • 2nd T20 live score: OUT! That’s that for Kohli

Kohli b Zampa 11 (6), India 55/2 in 4.2 overs, need 36 runs to win in 22 balls

  • India vs Australia 2nd T20I Live: FOUR! What a shot from Kohli

He is not exactly a six-hitter but Kohli can be dangerous when he can play shots like these. Straight down the ground, no way anyone is fielding that. A single off the next ball and India are 51/1, need 41 to win in 24 balls. 

  • IND vs AUS Live: FOUR! Rohit motors on

Rohit makes room and sends Sams fine. Delightful late cut that from the Indian captain, he is looking unstoppable today

  • India vs Australia 2nd T20I Live: BOWLED HIM! The end for Rahul

Zampa knocks KL Rahul over and Australia have a breakthrough. Slow and tossed up but it drops on Rahul who tries to go big. He misses it completely and the ball hits the stumps. The customary big cheer in the ground after the brief hush because Virat Kohli is now walking in. 

  • IND vs AUS Live: SIX! Rohit over the offside

The Indian captain is connecting all of it. Zampa has come in and so there is not real scope for a pull. He just lofts that over long on, then takes a single to reach 27 off 11

  • India vs Australia live: SIX! Another from Rohit

Cummins makes the cardinal mistake of bowling short and quick to Rohit. He whips out his pull shot and sends the ball flying into the stands. Rohit has scored 19 in 8 balls!

  • IND vs AUS 2nd T20I Live: SIX! 20 runs off the first over

What a start this is. Rahul whips the last ball over midwicket, almost a helicopter shot that. This is just the kind of start India would have wanted. 

  • 2nd T20 live score: BACK TO BACK SIXES FROM ROHIT!

Rohit launched the third ball of the first over bowled by Josh Hazlewood over midwicket. Then he brings out his trademark pull for a back of a length delivery and that goes flying over the boundary. The VCA stadium is absolutely heaving now

  • India vs Australia 2nd T20I Live: No changes for India’s top order?

Well this is quite a curious tactic. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul are opening, which may not be much of a surprise but Virat Kohli has padded up and is sitting in the dugout with his helmet in hand. Surely India need to do what Australia did and bring out the big hitters before Kohli. 

  • IND vs AUS Live: Australia 90/5 in 8 overs

India have been set a target of 91 to level this series. Make no mistake, this is a very, very steep target.

  • India vs Australia live: BACK TO BACK SIXES!

Two sixes off the fourth and fifth balls of the over takes Australia to 90 and Wade to 43 off 19. What an innings he has played and Australia could very well take the series today.

  • 2nd T20 live score: FOUR! Wade motors on

Full toss outside off from Bumrah, Wade opens the face of the bat and gets it between backward point and short third man. Australia 71/4 after 7 overs

  • India vs Australia 2nd T20I Live: Bumrah yorker sends Smith on the ground!

Another searing yorker, this time to Smith and he is down on the ground as he somehow manages to dig it out and then take a single. Bumrah causing some real pain here. Smith trying to get the dangerous Wade on strike as much as possible.

  • IND vs AUS Live: BOWLED HIM! Classic Bumrah!

The yorker from hell. Something we are so used to seeing from Bumrah and yet it thrills you and bamboozles the batter every time he produces it. Nothing you can do about it, Finch actually low key applauded it before starting the long walk back. Over the wicket, into the right hander and the ball hits the base of the leg stump.

Finch b Bumrah 31 (15), Australia 46/4 in 5 overs

  • IND vs AUS Live: BOWLED HIM! Classic Bumrah!

Finch b Bumrah 31 (15), Australia 46/4 in 5 overs

  • India vs Australia live: Five dot balls in the 4th over!

A boundary in the end from Wade ends the run but what an over that is from Axar in this 8-over match. India on top at the moment but it just takes two back to back sixes to change the momentum in games like these really. Australia 35/3 in 4 overs

  • 2nd T20 live score: OUT! Now Maxwell falls!

That’s two big hitters back in the hut. This is a good start for India, Maxwell making too much room for himself and ends up losing his stumps. 

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