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MMS scandal: 12 videos found from the girl’s mobile, the story of the fourth character also came to the fore

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Now another big disclosure has come in the Chandigarh University MMS scandal. Another new character has emerged in this entire nexus of video leaks. According to the information, a new boy has been identified from the mobile phone of the accused girl, whose name is being told as Mohit. The Punjab Police has got some screenshots of the conversation with Mohit from the girl’s phone. The girl herself has informed the police during interrogation that she never met Mohit, but was constantly connected to him through WhatsApp and chatting. Not only this, the video that the student used to send to her boyfriend Sunny. He also sent the same video to this boy named Mohit.

After this new information has come to the fore, now the Punjab Police has started trying to find out who is this boy named Mohit and where is he from. Apart from this, the police is also trying to find out how much and what is its role in the whole case of video leak. The police is also investigating whether the two accused – Sunny Mehta and Rankaj Verma – who were arrested from Himachal Pradesh, had links with this young man named Mohit.

whatsapp groups found from mobile phone

According to sources, the Punjab Police Station Kharar, engaged in the investigation of the case, is interrogating the three accused, including the accused student, by sitting face to face together. Punjab Police has sent 4 mobiles for forensic examination, which will be closely examined. Information is also being collected to recover the deleted data from these mobile phones and to which numbers the videos were sent. WhatsApp groups have also been found from the mobile phones of all three, whose numbers are on the radar of the police.

A list of these numbers has been prepared. Police are trying to find out whether these videos have been shared in these WhatsApp groups. If the data has been deleted from these groups, then the police will try to get it back from the forensic teams. According to sources, in the initial investigation, a total of 12 videos have been recovered from the mobile of the accused girl so far.

Videos used to be forwarded from WhatsApp group!

According to Punjab Police sources, calls have been received from several numbers in Mumbai and Gujarat after the incident at Chandigarh University on the phones of both the boys, who were arrested from Himachal Pradesh. So far, both the accused boys have not been able to give any satisfactory answer to the Punjab Police regarding the continuous calls received by them from Mumbai and Gujarat.

For this reason, now the Punjab Police is trying to identify the numbers of these phone calls coming from Mumbai and Gujarat. Help can also be taken from Mumbai and Gujarat Police in this matter. It is also being said that the accused boys had made some WhatsApp groups. Many videos were shared in these groups and other members of the groups used to forward these videos. Who were these members and how many people were included in these WhatsApp groups. Punjab Police is investigating this.

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