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The atmosphere in the village heated up after the certificate was rejected for a licensed country liquor shop

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Virli :- a political hotbed at the far end of the taluka, a hotbed of religious sentiments, the no-certificate for a licensed country liquor shop has been indirectly causing a verbal spat among political leaders. For the past few months, there were various discussions among the public about whether or not licensed country liquor shops should get a no-harm certificate. 

However, on August 23, a notice of the village meeting to be held on August 29 under the Gram Panchayat has been received in the village, and the issue of issuing a no-harm certificate for the licensed country liquor shop has been planned.

 According to the information received, the issue of no-nonsense certificate for licensed country liquor shops has been a topic of discussion in the village for the past one and a half years. 

There were various arguments and discussions among the villagers about this. Moreover, Discussions about the huge financial misappropriation of the Gram Panchayat for the said shop were also being done in a hushed voice on the village papers. However, day by day, this issue and discussion gradually disappeared

Meanwhile, the Gram Panchayat here organized a Gram Sabha on 29th August. In which, along with various issues, the atmosphere in the village became heated as there was also an issue related to giving a no objection certificate of Gram Panchayat for a licensed country liquor shop here. Although some Talirams want to start a licensed country liquor shop in the village, it is being said that the majority of the people in the village are negative.

Application was made to Virli (BU) Gram Panchayat for No Objection Certificate to Gram Panchayat about 2 years ago.

According to this application, it was planned to take up the matter in the Gram Sabha at the same time after passing the matter in the monthly meeting. However, since this is the subject of the tenure of previous gram sevaks. The newly joined gram sevaks refused to raise this issue in the gram sabha. After that, the claimants of the said No Objection Certificate applied once again in the month of April. Accordingly,

Demand to hold Gram Sabha in open premises

Sarpanch Saheb decided the venue of the Gram Panchayat Hall for the Gram Sabha held on 29th August. However, it is predicted that a large number of villagers will participate in the village meeting as it is a matter related to the issue of no-objection certificate for licensed country liquor shops. Therefore, there is no arrangement for the villagers to sit in the gram panchayat hall designated for the gram sabha.

A statement given by the villagers regarding the cancellation of the Gram Sabha

The Gram Sabha and Mahila Gram Sabha held on 29th August have been held on 23rd August without notice. This meeting was not held without 7 days prior notice. This is illegal. Also, both the election of the Anti-Tantamukt Committee in the Gram Sabha and the issue of no-objection certificate to the country liquor shop are separate matters of the Gram Sabha. A statement to this effect has been given by the villagers of Virli/Bu and the demand to suspend the said Gram Sabha has been submitted to the Lakhandur Group Development Officer in a statement with the support of about 400 women and men villagers.

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