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This post written by Indian student for Pakistani friend went viral

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An Indian woman’s post is going viral on social media in which she has written about her Pakistani classmate.

Both of these friends study at Harvard Business School in America. In the post, both are seen holding the flag of their countries.

In the post, Indian student Sneha Biswas writes that her friendship with a Pakistani student has broken her stereotypes about the neighboring country, which she relied on till date.

Relations between India and Pakistan have always been tense.

what is written in the post

In her LinkedIn post, Sneha wrote, “I was born and brought up in a small town. My knowledge of Pakistan was very brief and knew very little about the people there. Whatever little bit Knew it was known only through books and media. Which is often presented with the narrative of hatred and enmity.”

Sneha further writes that her friend is a resident of Islamabad.

“It was my first day at Harvard, and from that day I became very close to him,” she says.

“We sat and talked for hours and hours over tea and biryani. The background of her house was the same as that of my house. She also belongs to a traditional Pakistani family but despite being a traditional family, her family stood by her dreams. Used to be.”

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Sneha further writes, “I met this girl. It took us less than five seconds to like each other and by the end of the semester she became one of my closest friends on that campus.”

“We slowly got to know each other over multiple cups of tea and plates of biryani, talking financial models and case studies. Her bold dreams and bold choices inspired me.”

Sneha further says that fundamentally people everywhere are almost the same. Boundaries, boundaries and places are made by humans. And the many things that the mind weaves, the heart often fails to understand them.

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